The value
of differences.

An eulogy to alterity,
to difference,
to complexity.

What we do

LENSart is an editorial and curatorial project to enhance the complexities of the person through forms of art and contemporary culture.

A memory from the opening of FORMAE MENTIS

About us

Matilde and Francesca, a curatorial duo that since 2019 has transformed its artistic research focusing on inclusion in art, we are the founders and creators of LENSart. Specialized in the design, design and curatorship of events and exhibitions, we collaborate with personalities in the field of art and neurodivergence, alongside artistic experimentation the evolution of the theories of the sciences of the mind.

Terzo Paradiso_MAtilde Francesca

Why LENSart

For years we have visited ateliers, workshops and artist’s studios, meeting expressiveness 
in search of freedom and dimension to emerge that becomes proper to each artist who decides to be part of it.

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