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A curatorial duo that wants to promote an increasingly inclusive culture, starting from the art world.

Terzo Paradiso_MAtilde Francesca

Matilde and Francesca, a curatorial duo that since 2019 has transformed his artistic research focusing on inclusion in art.

We are the founders and creators of LENSart. 

Specialized in the design and curatorship of events and exhibitions, we collaborate with personalities in the field of art and neurodivergence, alongside artistic experimentation the evolution of the theories of the Sciences of the Mind. 

We met in Venice on a sunny winter morning to set up an exhibition. A few years and many adventures later we felt the need to transform what was a small big dream into a solid and ever-changing project.

Matilde is a sinologist in constant search of new languages, art is perhaps the most interesting among them. She approached the Chinese language and culture at the age of 19, with the university, accomplishing what for her was the first of many jumps in the void.  From there began years of jumps and somersaults towards unexplored worlds, guided by the adrenaline of new experiences, learning to clash and then meet with the different, with the other, with the unexplored. She first specialized in Chinese contemporary art, and from there she began her curatorial career, with a particular focus on inclusiveness in art.

She collaborates with artists, galleries, foundations and fairs studying, planning and realizing art projects. She contributed for the Treccani Encyclopedia for International Contemporary Art.

Francesca understands art and culture as something in continuous movement. Graduated at Ca’ Foscari in Economics and Management of Arts and Cultural Activities, she has put at the center of her research the relationship between dimensions and artistic circuits apparently different such as the art market and film festivals, The European Union must be aware that borders are blurred and often undefined and must remain so. From here begins his path of approach to inclusiveness in art, made of reason and consciousness, sometimes unconscious, fun, irrationality, to date always updated. He collaborates with several companies in the Veneto region. Currently he deals with the development of educational projects and cultural events for the Treccani group.

Childhood neuropsychiatrist, creator and promoter of Eurythmy, a review of artistic, cultural and scientific events aimed at the theme of Autism came to its eighth edition in 2023.
He is Coordinator of the Regional Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders in Verona, since 2002 he has worked as a medical director at UOC of Child Neuropsychiatry of the University Integrated Hospital of Verona. Scientific contact for Autistic Spectrum Disorders at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità for the Veneto region.

Leonardo Zoccanteù

Our essence in a sign

A polyhedral pair of lenses, a tool for observing reality from different points of view so that it becomes sharper and richer.

We believe in the value of diversity and who or what struggles to fit into patterns. We believe in the depth of the gaze, and imperfection in geometries. The result is a kaleidoscope of different shapes that conceal a definite order.

True art is where no one expects it, where no one thinks about it or speaks its name. Art is above all vision, and vision, many times, has nothing in common with intelligence nor with the logic of ideas.

J. Dubuffet

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