Arte Connettiva

a palimpsest of events dedicated to art and neuroirregularity

Connettivismo, with the artistic direction and curatorship of LENSart, in collaboration with artverona and Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto Onlus has the pleasure of presenting ARTE CONNETTIVA, a palimpsest of events with a strong artistic value, scientific and social dedicated to art and neuroirregularity, aimed at the enhancement of artistic expression in all its manifestations, declinations and divergences, within the event artverona 2023.

The palimpsest consists of:


A talk

Understanding and appreciating differences: this is the central theme of the talk “Connective Art: the faculty of differences” between Maestro Michelangelo Pistoletto and Dott. Leonardo Zoccante; the dialogue between the two will guide the public in a confrontation that, starting from the concept of the Third Paradise and the latest publication of the Master “The formula of creation”, comes to a new interpretative model of the neurodivergent artistic faculties, exploring the relationship between Art and Sciences of Mind. Neurodivergent minds, which tend to have a character strictly linked to specificity, can in fact become fertile ground for building not only projects of reception but also of active participation and contribution within the community. In this perspective, starting from an idea of Dr. Zoccante inspired by the work of Master Pistoletto, was created an art performance of the Third Paradise with the involvement of neurotypical and neurodivergent people at the Presidential Estate of Castelporziano. The performance, part of the project of Quirinale Contemporaneo della Repubblica Italiana, in collaboration with Connettivismo and Cittadellarte, will be presented during the talk. The appointment is for Sunday, October 15 at 12 at the talk area of artverona.


A performance - installation

A performance with the Italian artist Patrizio Vanessi, who for many years has realized experiences of connection between the artist himself, other artists and the public. For the occasion, Vanessi will create together with artists of Connectivism (Lisa Perini, Efren Perlotto, Thomas Tessari, Lorenza Cielo, Marco Carbogno) a large canvas, which will be cut at different times of the three days of the event and shared with the public of artverona, as an emblem of integration, inclusion and sharing, key words of the Connective Art experience within the artverona 2023 fair. The sharing of the canvas with the public is also an opportunity to support the production and promotion of artistic and scientific activities within Connettivismo.


Un'esposizione collettiva internazionale

“Arte connettiva”, curated by Matilde Nuzzo and Francesca Malverti of LENSart, which displays the works of Richard Boulet, Dianelis Massip Lopez, Mario Pellegrini, in close connection with the canvas created by the participation of the Italian artist Patrizio Vanessi together with the artists of Connettivismo.

Dianelis Massip Lopez is a self-taught Cuban artist. His representations reveal a very singular vision where his great passion for music seems to sprout on paper at the repetitive rhythm of a pen that lets branches and leaves bloom ordered like a melody.

Richard Boulet, a Canadian working in San Francisco, presents three new pieces with poetic pieces for the first time in Italian. A well-rounded artist, his personal research is rooted in an autobiographical experience often of suffering, which led him to question his personal condition of marginality, in his works extended to the community. “I cross-stitch every day.” says the artist “It’s like a meditation, and the use of needle and thread is a gift I give to myself.”

Mario Pellegrini, who died in 2018, lived that “deaf and distorted” season of Italian organicist psychiatry. His Autodisegni, of which a selection will be presented in this context, are emblematic of his imagination and his acute intelligence. Large full-page portraits, unbound anatomical parts and objects of various kinds, almost like maps. A rigorous execution, a process that has consolidated over time thanks to the experience of color, almost a reconstruction of itself, a sort of epiphany in a path that is defined by the insertion of textual parts, aimed at completing his artistic process.

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