Dianelis Massip Lopez

Dianelis is part of the atelier Studio Riera Art Brut in L’Habana.

Dianelis Massip Lopez is a self-taught Cuban artist. His representations reveal a very singular vision where his great passion for music seems to sprout on paper at the repetitive rhythm of a pen that lets branches and leaves bloom ordered like a melody. Although the final result of his visual creations reveals forms that we might consider abstract, it is his intention to represent sets derived from forms of the plant world, which are interwoven with wood of living fabrics. They often look like veils, female hair, mermaid tails, spirals, vortices. They are forms that are articulated rhythmically, with dynamism, and from which radiates a poem that much speaks of how the artist interprets his reality, as of his obsessions for beauty and perfection. Drawing allowed her to discover new horizons of expression, as well as a remarkable development of her artistic attitudes. Dianelis stays for hours making these pieces, controls every detail and processes each composition with the utmost care and minutia.

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