30 June – 30 September 2023
Amo Bistrot, Vicoletto due mori, Verona

2 July – 31 Agoust 2023
Isolo17 Gallery, Via XX Settembre 31/b, Verona

A series of exhibitions in continuous shifting and becoming between the spaces of AMO Bistrot and Isolo17 Gallery, in collaboration with Ippocampo APS and LENSart, realities in the city of Verona that stand as a reference point in the promotion of art, cultural contamination and social inclusion. 

The exhibitions have as a common thread the juxtaposition of pairs of artists, whose works open continuous dialogues with those who enjoy them.


2 July - 31 August 2023
Isolo17 Gallery, Via XX Settembre 31/b, Verona

Pairing or contrasting: this is the primary meaning of DUALITIES, from which this artistic event, featuring the works of Albert and Mr. Heart, takes its title. On the one hand an artist with a fairy hand and a heavy heart, on the other an artist whose works spring directly from the depths of his heart, with an essential touch and multifaceted subjects.

Both artists open the doors to a dimension that is at times sacred and more often desecrating, posing us with questions that prompt us to appeal to the dreamlike dimension, pursuing that common tendency of having to find an answer.

The fundamental questions of our existence are exchanged in their works for duality, recalling that phenomenon whereby something changes into another form and dimension when certain elements are replaced by others. Duality of form and matter, of meaning and support. They remind us that the one does not exist without the two, that we are strongly and inextricably linked to the comparison with the other, and that difference is nothing but the necessary condition for the existence of each being to shine, in all its uniqueness, distinctiveness and beauty.


30 June - 30 September 2023
AMO Bistrot, Vicoletto due mori, Verona

The play on dualitites created by Lisa Perini and Lisa Binato represent the mutability of the self, the changing in time and space. Learning to recognize and appreciate diversity, letting the encounter taking the place of mistrust, will make those who think differently from us, those who have a different forma mentis, become a valuable ally in fully experiencing the constant surprise that is life.

What we can do when reality turns out to be too difficult to explain is to intuit. Intuition is a phenomenon that occurs the moment a hunch becomes apparent and convinces us of seemingly immediate truths. This is often exactly how we decline our actions, being guided by an instinct that is the same one we invite you to follow in this exhibition experience.

Women telling their personal and singular point of view. Women talking about women, men, friendship, love, self, others, life lived and life imagined. Women with a communicative power that can break through all sorts of walls, women with an expressive need that overcomes all barriers. Essential in fact is to try to understand the need that women artists have to represent, express and give voice to that unexplored world they have insid


23 April- 30 June 2023
AMO Bistrot, vicoletto due mori, Verona

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