Lisa Binato

Born in 1969, for Lisa Binato painting is an indispensable activity, it is her spark of light, the centre of life. Well-integrated in the community of the Massignan Social Farm, she has been painting for twenty years since 1998. Lisa stops, remembers, reworks, transforms her world into painting. She loves to portray, more or less from memory in their characteristic features, the people she meets.

After an initial phase of technical approach in which she painted compositions of letters of the alphabet of various colors, arranged in a scattered and repetitive order in the sheet, as if to recall the rudiments taught to children on the first days of school, she feels the need to move almost immediately to figurative themes with groups of individuals standing out on the most important support, paper. 

A desire to express and manifest herself in all her deepest and most secret humanity, until behaviors and figures are revealed in their original state, where the essence of our being dwells, free from the traps and deceptions of conventions.

Painting is an essential activity; it is my spark of light, the center of life.

Lisa Binato


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