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Lisa Perini

With a degree in painting from the Accademia Belle Arti di Venezia with Prof. Luigi Viola, Lisa now resides in Treviso, but is an artist with several awards and numerous solo and group exhibitions both in Italy and abroad to her credit. Her works are part of public collections in Europe, America and Asia.

For Lisa Perini, color becomes a personal alphabet to rework and filter representation. Her spontaneity can be found in her works and drawings, manifestations of a dynamic, intense and multifaceted personality that sets her apart. Lisa’s autism does not develop as if it were a cognitive deficit, quite the contrary. Lisa has a particularly developed sense of sight; she can be said to be hyper-sighted, to the point that she notices endless and surprising shades of colors. Her mind creates unexpected and always harmonious color plays. The colors of Lisa’s figures, landscapes and objects are hardly the same as those with which they present themselves to her eyes, but are an expression of the emotions and feelings that such figures arouse in her. Red is certainly her stylistic signature, along with recycled objects, fragments of glass, plastic, pennies, and whatever discarded object happens to be in her hands that Lisa mixes together with acrylics giving an even more material touch, plastic in fact, to her works.

Colors are all beautiful, but red is my favorite. It is the color of love and passion!

To learn more about Lisa’s work, we recommend the Diari Sonori catalog published by Diastema, which you can purchase by writing directly to the publisher.

In painting I look for something that I like, that can relax me. Art is about the things we like like like frescoes, it enriches to have so many interests!

Lisa Perini


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