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Simona Raimondi

Simona was born in Milan in the summer of 1970. She lived with her family in the Milan area until July 1991, when Simona entered the Maddalena community of Anffas Ticino in Somma Lombardo, what was to become a second family and home for her. Since 1996 she has worked as a cleaner in a local company. In 1993 Anffas Ticino decided to open the Atelier espressivo in order to activate a space for expression through artistic languages, particularly drawing and painting, for the disabled people the association cared for. The initial idea was to create a space that acts both on a personal and social level.

Art for me is a fulfillment.

And this is exactly how Simona approaches art, embodying over the years the spirit with which the Atelier was born: thanks to art Simona embarks on a profound path of searching for her unique and singular identity. ¬†Simona begins a journey that starts from herself and through art progressively questions her self-image, how she perceives herself, re-reading her relationship with the people who are part of her life. Precisely in deconstructing the forms of the body, in order to study and reproduce them, she focuses on her way of perceiving the world, which she returns now on paper, now on canvas and, although not present in this exhibition, now in ceramics. On the other hand, the motto of the Atelier she is part of is precisely “let’s try to remake our portrait,” because in understanding who I am, thus starting with introspective work, I can understand how to be in harmony in the world around me.

In my works I like to tell about the people and moments that make me feel good, so much so that seeing this painting even after a long time arouses positive feelings in me, reminding me how important this work is!

Simona Raimondi


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