Two venues, one exhibition

A stimulus to observe art, and the world in general, with a formae mentis that is, indeed, different and in some respects atypical.  

In both cities, the exhibition is hosted in two places that are particularly symbolic for the collective growth of the community:

– the Hall of the Threehundred Palace of Treviso, a historic building dating back to the 12th century where the City Council still meets today;

– the Civic Library in Verona, the guardian venue of culture par excellence, two places of knowledge, meeting, comparison and growth in the life of the city.

Both exhibitions are intended to be a point of reference for a vindication of the fundamental rights of the individual, so that they are not judged and labelled on the basis of gender and conformity to social paradigms.

April 1st- 23rd, 2023

Hall of the Threehoundred Palace of Treviso

In Treviso, the exhibition involves a group of artists who approach the theme of metamorphosis declined from their experience, and is structured as a room within a room, reflecting the different levels of interpretation with which one can approach the works. 

At first, the works on display tell of an evolving identity, their own and others. It then moves on to a symbiotic analysis of the relationship with the other and of the complex plots of relationships created over time, leaving room for a moment to be devoted to the perception of places lived or never lived, inhabited, that change appearance on the basis of sensations, perceptions and states of mind. Finally, the metamorphosis opens up to a fantasy world, populated by the images of dreams, aspirations and the symbolic field of the oneiric. In the inner part of this room within the room, one approaches the most remote and recondite places of their minds: a non-place made of instinct, little rationality and premeditation. No rules, no paradigms, but pure expressive freedom occupying space, taking its own space. 

* Accessibility: In Treviso the exhibition is accessed through the side staircase of Palazzo dei Trecento. People with mobility difficulties can request the use of the lift by going to the Prefecture of Treviso (adjacent building) from Monday to Friday.

April 2nd – 23rd, 2023

Civic Library of Verona


In Verona, it is a story of female artists representing women from their personal and singular point of view. The exhibition is at the same time a collection of the people who mark or have marked the lives of the women artists, and an ideal projection of the woman and her figure, which from their intimate imagination is realised on paper or canvas. If for some of them, representing women does not necessarily mean taking inspiration from those who populate their days, but means depicting the emotions that being a woman arouses in them, others, on the contrary, paint more like portraits of those who mark their daily lives. The works on display accompany along a path, a journey through the memories, feelings and emotions of the artists themselves. At the same time, the works are a reflection and an invitation for the public to listen to the memories and feelings aroused and, above all, to look at women with a gaze free of prejudice and stereotypes.

*Accessibility: the exhibition can always be visited from the windows in Via Cappello and there are no architectural barriers to access the spaces.

To pay homage to the Biblioteca Civica di Verona, the headquarters of FORMAE MENTIS, we have decided to compile a list of books that touch on, deepen and go through the themes dealt with by the artists in the exhibition.

Our invitation is to step outside your personal forma mentis and select that title you would not usually choose. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the compilation of the following list and invite you to recommend new titles to be added by writing to us at

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