La ragione c'entra poco

not performative art

A collective exhibition of 10 artists that counts more than 30 works including ceramics, charcoal and sketches, portraits and self-portraits, paintings on canvas, some from private collections.

Participating in the show, the expressive atelier “I Pitturatori” of Anffas Ticino Onlus and Richard Boulet.

The exhibition took place in:
@ Spazio Thetis, North Arsenal of Venic in September 2021
@ Biblioteca Frinzi of Verona in April 2022, on the occasion of Euritmie, scientific-cultural review on the theme of autism spectra
@ Castello Visconti of Somma Lombardo, October 2022

The selected works represent a path of identity research: often inspired by the experiences and relationships of everyday life, the artists transform into matter their feelings, memories, friendships, loves.

A world that desires to emerge strong in its complexity, which manifests itself through expressive and aesthetic forms that return to the origin of artistic creation and reveal its essence.

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